Negotiating Your Way Through Jewish Dates

I found this video brutal. For a little while, it was funny. Then it became depressing. But it’s an accurate look at love in the secular world.

I like Ilana Angel’s new photo. The old one kept me from reading her posts. This new one is super-cute. The old one was cheesy.

Ilana Angel writes: I was recently sent this video and thought it was funny, but when I got to the last line, it suddenly became perfection. If you have spent any time on JDate you quickly see that it is sex driven. I imagine Ashley Madison may be the only other dating site that has more sex drive than JDate.

Are Jews super sexual? If you look at 10 random profiles on JDate you will be surprised by how many reference sex. They openly discuss that they want it, are looking for it, and in some cases demand it. I once went out with a man who said he needs sex on a first date to continue.

This video is a funny, graphic, honest and brilliant look at online dating. It’s comedy to be sure, but it comes from a place of truth and that is always the source of great comedy. This type of thing happens in real life! The negotiations for sex when dating are a well choreographed dance.

I’ve never gone into negotiations quite like this, but I get it, appreciate it, marvel at it, and laugh out loud at it. Again, if you are easily offended by sexually explicit content, or are sensitive to graphic language, then please don’t watch it. If you can handle the truth, then take a look.

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