Modern Orthodox Demographics

In his fifth lecture on the Steipler for Torah in Motion, professor Marc B. Shapiro says: Modern Orthodox is larger than haredim. Modern is larger in Israel, about 20-25% of the population. The haredim are about 11%. The Modern are larger in America also but in 20 years they won’t be. When the haredim go left, they end up in a Modern Orthodox shul. Satmar dropouts just go crazy.

“In another generation, the Modern will be a minority in America. Israel, I don’t know.

“In England and in Baltimore, the haredim outnumber the Modern.

“England and all of Europe will be Islamic. Some of these countries are beyond the tipping point.”

“England will be haredi. France will not because it is Sephardic.”

“Do you know how many people would become Modern Orthodox and then they see the cost? School. Camp.

“Modern Orthodoxy has become an upper-middle-class lifestyle. Not in Israel. You have security guards wearing yarmulkes.

“In the haredi world, you can be lower-middle-class. There’s room for all types. That allows for entre by the baalei teshuva. Many people leave the Modern Orthodox world because they don’t feel like they can keep up with this rat race. They either go to Israel or leave, give it up. If you’re not middle class or upper-middle-class, what community can you live in? Who wants to live in a community where you are the poorest? You can’t have what other people have.”

“Modern Orthodoxy has real problems with continuity.”

“I’m not here to talk about myself because whatever I say, people will then say, that’s why you said this. You’re biased in that direction. Let me speak my piece and judge it for what it is.”

“If Haim Amsalem runs in the next election, could he get elected?”

“After Ovadiah Yosef, Haim Amsalem is the most popular Sephardic figure in Israel.”

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