Dennis Prager: Men’s Way Of Complaining Is Shutting Down

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager said: “I suspect that most of you did not marry a man who was shut down. So something must’ve happened. Men’s way of complaining is to shut down.”

Steve calls from Reno: “Over the ten years of our marriage, 95% of our fights have been about the children. It’s frustrating when my wife has this mama-bear reflex when I try to discipline the kids in a way that a man feels is appropriate to discipline them. Even if the kid does something incredibly wrong, she reacts more profoundly to the way I react to them doing something wrong as compared to what the kid did in the first place. She’ll often correct me in front of the child and sell me out.

“Now there’s this dynamic where she’s the appellate court. Any time I lay down the law to the kids, they’ll run to the mother for a defense. Women feel like the protection of the child is the literal protection of them in the moment while men try to protect the child by preparing them for how the real world works.”

“My big fear with counseling is that counselors tend to side with the women.”

Dennis: “They do tend to.”

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