Is There A Community Of Jewish Bloggers?

Rabbi Gil Student writes:

A blog is a medium that people use for many different things. Some can use it to post news, some to post Torah, some to post their thoughts about knitting yarmulkas, some to post about their battle with disease, etc. The simple fact that we all use the same medium does not make us a community. I’m not saying that we can’t be friends but there is no natural bond between us other than that which exists between all Jews and all people. Do you think that the author of The Yeshiva World has some connection to an atheist, anti-religious blogger simply because they both use blogs? I don’t. It’s like saying that J. K. Rowling and Shmuel Blitz are in the same community of authors. It’s not that one is good and the other isn’t, but that they operate within totally different universes despite both being authors of books. To the opposite, I consider Ms. Rowling to be part of the community of Western popular culture and Shmuel Blitz to be part of the American Charedi community. Similarly, I consider blogs to be extensions of people’s regular communities. Jewish blogs are part of the Jewish community and its subcommunities. Torah blogs are part of the Torah community, Jewish cooking blogs are part of the Jewish cooking community, etc.

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