Do Your Hurt Feelings Mean I Have To Shut Up?

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager said: “It’s usually a discussion-ender when a person says they’re hurt. I don’t stop there. I believe we can fine-tune what hurts us. It is in your power to not be hurt. We determine what hurts us.”

“It is natural for a woman to be hurt when her man looks at other women. I should be the object of all of his sexual craving. But men are not made that way.

“It is his responsibility to make his wife feel how desirable she is to him, if she is. ‘Honey, I go nuts 37 times a day but it doesn’t matter.’ The cheesecake and dessert analogy. A man must watch his sexual diet. They will still lust for the cakes in the bakery but it does not mean they will eat any of them.”

Female caller says she won’t allow her hubby the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. “I think it is disrespectful to me and our marriage.”

Dennis: “I don’t think it is. I understand why you react that way but it is not disrespectful to you. That’s his nature. You’re asking him to squelch it. Or you could say, ‘Honey, tell me the five most attractive women you find in here.’ Your husband would go nuts.”

“He’s not going to stop thinking of women because he threw out the swimsuit issue, but he will love you if you tell him you can’t even think about this.”

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