Joe Biden – Foreign Policy Expert?

I keep hearing the news media refer to Joe Biden as a foreign policy expert.

That’s hilarious.

The guy is an airhead.

He can’t stop talking and saying stupid stuff.

I remember Brit Hume wrote an article about him for the New Republic in 1985 titled "Joe Biden, Shut Up."

Who on earth is excited about Joe Biden?

What has he ever accomplished? What great ideas has he ever propounded?

He’s the Antonio Villariagosa of the U.S. Senate.

The Democrats now have two substance-free candidates.

Bring it on.

The LA Times is hilarious but typical: "Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. joins the Democratic ticket as an acknowledged foreign policy sage whose 36-year record has won him bipartisan praise as a liberal internationalist who generally hews close to his party’s center."

Who with any cred respects Joe Biden? Respects him for what?

Hugh Hewitt posts:

  A very bright young man comments, "This is going to be like Get Smart."

And a priceless Slow Joe Biden clip from Allahpundit. 

As David Freddoso noted in his book, Obama represents the merger of two of the worst aspects of Democratic politics –’60s radicalism and corrupt Chicago machine politics.  With the addition of Slow Joe Biden to the ticket, Obama has added to his unsteady candidacy an epic amount Beltway cluelessness and arrogance unsupported by anything except frequent flier miles and Delaware’s love for a chuckle-headed fellow with a big smile.

Rob Long asks "Isn’t [Biden] sort of the stupid person’s idea of the smart person’s candidate?"  Yes, he is.  But that’s not fair to stupid people.  Even stupid people who watched Biden embarrass himself during the Alito hearings –remember the "I hate Princeton" moment followed by the donning of the Princeton cap?– know that Slow Joe is all tenure and no talent.

I was worried that the Dems had pointed out to Obama that his serial gaffing had brought the campaign close to a break point and that he needed Hillary.  I was worried he’d actually go find Anthony Zinni or Sam Nunn or someone of accomplishment and purposefulness in foreign affairs.  Webb would have been hell on the stump.  Kaine or Bayh would have put different states into play.  Sebelius was a wild card.

But Biden?  Marooned in Marin has a collection of Biden’s greatest hits, which barely scratches the surface of the buffoonery Biden has produced over the years, and we’ll be getting the audio ready for next week and the next two months.  See also XDA’s assessment:  "That locks down the important swing state of Delaware and puts the combined fatuous egotism of the ticket into overload territory." Geraghty the Indispensable has a list of choice Slow Joe quotes as well.

But put Biden’s obvious flaws aside and ask yourself how in the world Obama decided to go with Biden, and you’ll quickly realize that the Democratic nominee must have been impressed with Biden on the long campaign trail of 2007 and 2008 –even though voters weren’t and even though Biden has no accomplishments of note after 36 years in the Senate.  Biden talked a great game and dropped some very interesting place names –and this impressed Obama.  Talking the talk has been the key to Obama’s success, and in Slow Joe he found an older, far better traveled but equally prolix gas bag. 

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