I’ve Been Sitting Too Long

Over the course of my life, I’ve often marveled how things that obsessed me at the time were of little consequence to me years before.

I think back over things I said decades ago and they have new meaning to me today.

I’ve always loved to read books and have spent much of my life sitting and reading.

When I’d get up from the chair after hours sitting, I’d feel stiff and out of it. “I’ve been sitting too long,” I’d say, without any desire to do anything about my habit.

Now I know that sitting is as bad as smoking and consequently I try to reduce the amount of time I spend sitting and when I must sit, to get up at least every half hour and walk around.

Even if you are doing everything right, if you sit in a chair for more than ten minutes, you’re kinaesthestic sense will get dulled. Even if you sit well, you’re going to put at least a third more pressure on your spine than if you were standing upright or lying down.

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