How Do Chabad Guys Do It?

I keep meeting Chabad guys with no money and no college degree and yet they’re married to young women who look like models. How do they do it?

Chaim Amalek emails: “Also, HOW DO THEY DO IT? I remember as a kid meeting the wives of some of my hebrew school teachers and being amazed at what some of them managed to marry. Is it because they get them before they know how hot they are and aim for someone higher? Brainwashing? I think you should infiltrate Chabad and figure this out before declaring yourself the spiritual successor to Menachem Schneerson.”

I have some ideas on how Chabad guys do it.

One, Lubavitchers (Chabadniks) tend to be the happiest Jews around. Good things happen to people who are happy.

Two. Lubavitchers are part of a tight-knit community that helps each other.

Three. It is an honor to marry a rabbi’s son or somebody who excels at Torah study and the like.

Four. Being married to a beautiful woman helps a man succeed in life. It motivates him to work hard and to be a good Jew so his wife can have an honored place in the community.

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