In BugaBonga Cave

My brother, HoboBob, stopped by my cam chat room:

HoboBob:  Where do the well off of LA go during August?
Eve:  we’re boring him
russiandragon:  I thought he would trim the beard too
HoboBob:  I know the French go to the south, the Germans go to Italy, the Jews over in New York go to the Hamptons.  Where do Angelonios go?
Eve:  australia
HoboBob:  That so?
Eve:  yes sir
guest17:  Big Bear
HoboBob:  I always thought Big Bear was a gay hangout?
Eve:  say sumthin luke
HoboBob:  He was like this as a kid
guest17:  we’ll all get together at the wedding
guest17:  M, don’t change the color scheme again
guest17:  i got the dress already
HoboBob:  The abos would beat him up, and he’d be all quiet like and not want to talk about it
Eve:  abos?
YourMoralLeader:  u like my poise?
HoboBob:  Australian Aborigines
guest17:  very alex like
Eve:  self control luke
Eve:  restraint
HoboBob:  Luke and the Abos, its like Poles and Russians
HoboBob:  There no love lost there
HoboBob:  Something happened in BugaBonga cave, something Luke won’t ever talk about
Eve:  wheres that cave?
HoboBob:  Some say behind Hershey Alley
HoboBob:  Like I say, Luke won’t talk about it
HoboBob:  But abos were involved

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