Money In The Bank Equals Peace Of Mind For Me

I just got a local call. Not sure who it was from. I thought at first it was a wrong number.

Caller: “Are you ok?”

Luke: “I’m great. This is Luke Ford.”

Caller: “You haven’t written anything for two days and I wanted to check that you are OK. Please write something.”


A few minutes later, I get an email: “ARE YOU OK??? You did not not write for 2 days and you do’t answer your office phone. I am calling the police in 10 minutes if you dont responed.”

And this:

Sorry for panicking about you. I know you are alone and I got worried when you did not write 2 days. Usually you write everyday. I guess I am becoming a typical Jewish Mother. The reason I did not identify myself was clearly to maintain anonymity. To be frank, I don’t feel like being judged by you. You are less them kind to women over 40. Something to work on….

As to your thoughts this morning:
Yes, the blessing bestowed on you when Mom was pregnant
is a complicated one:
I am a firm believer of woman’s intuition and parental blessings.
The question is how easy is it to be a ‘chosen one’… and how
far do you take it? Allow me some objective feedback:
Yes you are meant to be special and you are doing it everyday
in this blog. Does this make you PEE pure olive oil??? No Luke.
You are not prefect, nor a saint. There is the shadow part (Jung):
The obsessive sex blogger etc…on one hand and the lifestyle of
wanna be rigid monk like, stem from there.
Ease off a bit and just live with no prophecies and/or unrealistic
expectation. You are fine. Stop digging endlessly into yourself.
You are joining the right groups but then isolating yourself by
acting out which causes you to remain lonely. Stop the automatic
recording in your head I Am Special….and act normal. e.g. Don’t
hide in a book during prayer or lectures.
Yes… we know you know how to read.
We know you are an intellectual. We all are. Stop acting weird.

I have psycho-therapy Friday afternoons. This week I think I will talk about how I freak out when my computer is not working or my car is not working or these other technical details that throw me into a panic.

I think the best solution to these problems is money in the bank. That equals peace of mind for me.

In a week, I’ll be a certified Alexander Technique teacher. I wonder how this will change me. I’ll no longer be able to make Facebook posts like this one, which caused me a lot of griefs from those who want me to be a successful teacher: “Luke Ford has installed a privacy screen in his office. Plan to tell students that’s where I keep my hairless Asian boy. “He’s very quiet. He’ll be no bother.””

* Good line in the Showtime program Sleeper Cell: “Now you’re all about being a good Muslim? What religion are you when you’re f***ing me?”

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