Rabbi Eidlitz Gone From Emek Hebrew Academy

I understand that R’ Eliezer Eidlitz is out of Emek Hebrew Academy in the San Fernando Valley. Since last year, the English principal, Jewish principal and dean are all gone.

A source says: “Your information about Eidlitz gone from Emek is correct, but truth be told not one of the parent body and almost all of the staff at the school cares or even blinked an eye. Eidlitz became the Executive Director (not Dean) by default but never truly earned his stripes. As you correctly reported last March, he simply threw together a few functions and hit up for loans on the same people who give day in day out. More often than not he was out doing his Kosher activities and AWOL for days at a time. This year, the board hired a new Dean from Florida, and finally Eidlitz was asked to step up and start seriously working for his cushy salary. He saw the writing on the wall.”

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