My Friends Want To Set Me Up With ‘Age Appropriate’ Women

I’ve got nothing against women my own age. I just don’t want to date them.

Many 45-year old women are great mothers and accountants and lawyers and the like. I respect their work but I don’t want to get snuggly with them.

I want a young vigorous colt of a woman who can make babies.

The last five years in particular, I’ve noticed a lot of annoyance by women my age when I date someone in her early 20s.

I don’t fetishize youth. Half the time, I do date women my own age but the phrase “age appropriate” fills me with dread.

I’m compiling a list of the most common things people say to me. Number one would be, “What are we going to do with you?”

Joe* emails: It’s fine for them to set you up with age appropriate women as long as they understand that the appropriate age is half the man’s age plus seven.

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