Can We Trust The Kashrut Of Agriprocessors?

Joe says: With regards to Agriprocessors, besides the moral debate, how can anyone trust them with kashrus? If they are tempted to cheat morally/ethically on labor why should they not cheat on the kashrut? Especially since there is more to gain monetarily (e.g. Nonkosher chicken sells for about $.35 a pound while kosher is 10 times the price). So do the math. Sources also say Rubashkins nonkosher business also makes their kosher business quite small. The same source mentioned that if a hundred heads of cattle are brought in for kosher slaughtering,  maybe if they are lucky 50 will be deemed kosher. And then from the 50 accepted as kosher cattle the back half is not kosher anyways. So the temptation to cheat is quite large.

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