Why Do So Many Small Children Cry When Their Parents Start Singing?

I was at a Shabbos lunch and this man started singing zemirot (sacred Jewish songs) and his two-year old son began wailing and pleading for him to stop singing.

I’ve noticed several kids do this. I think that I did this when I was young.

Why? Somehow, I think, it upset me to hear my parents singing. It threatened the stability of my world. I also remember getting upset at 11 or 12 when my mother shed a few tears at a movie.

Wally Wharton: I did the same thing….I was especially embarrassed if Mom sang loudly in church. I also hated it if my folks passed thru the living room and stopped to laugh at the cartoons I was watching. I felt invaded. Cartoons were a serious matter back then– and there was something intimate about what transpired between the TV screen and me.

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