I Always Thought I’d Turn The Corner And Become Righteous

I was just looking at video of myself from Loma Linda University last year and I winced. Oy, I was harsh!

Makes me introspective and a tad mournful because I always thought there would come a time when I’d leave my bad ways behind me and become a mentch.

Sure, I played around in the first half of my life but now I was serious. I had religion. I had Alexander Technique. I had years of psycho-therapy. Now I was headed on the right path and I would consistently choose the good.

Not happened yet. I’m still a mixed bag.

It’s just occurring to me that there’s not going to be a great cataclysm where you could measure my life before and after this event. Instead, I’m going to be a mixed bag until I die, just evenly poised between good and evil.

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