Alexander Technique’s Dreadful Branding

Author Michael Gelb, the world’s most famous Alexander Technique teacher, says to Direction Journal: “Alexander Technique has had a dreadful exercise in branding itself over the last 30 years. The work is more valuable than ever.”

“It’s hard for Alexander people put so much energy and time into training for the Technique, it’s hard for them not to go on and on about the process, about non-doing, and all the stuff that makes no sense to normal people. All people are interested in are benefits. What are the benefits to me? Will this help my back problem? Will this help my singing? Will this help me improve my tai chi?”

“People have this notion that it is unAlexandrian and end-gaining to engage in sales whereas F.M. Alexander was the biggest promoter, salesman, marketer, deal-closer. He charged a lot of money for his services. He knew their value. He wore the finest hand-made suits. He drank the best vintage wines. He was not some whiny process-oriented hippie saying, ‘Ohmigod, it’s all about the means whereby’.”

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