Rabbi Arthur Waskow Gives Up The Jews’ Special Claim To The Land Of Israel

Rav Adlerstein blogs:

Rabbi Waskow could have left it at that, but struck out on his own to reassure the indignant Muslim cleric that pigs and monkeys could sometimes take on human-like features

There is growing amongst the Jewish people a reconsideration of conventional theology to ask whether God promised the land, which some call the Land of Israel and others call Falastin/Palestine, to both the families that descend from Avraham/ Ibrahim.

In other words, Rabbi Waskow offered to deconstruct Genesis so that it would no longer offer a special covenant with the Jewish people. In return for this, he hoped that dialogue would lead Muslims to “a reexamination of the passages in Quran that say the Jewish people has a special relationship with the Land of Israel.” We will both decide to take our traditions with a grain of salt, and find commonality in fuzziness.

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