Women Wearing Pants

I prefer life when men act like men and women like women (and wear skirts).

Religious Jewish women wear skirts and those who wear pants are not being religious in that respect.

Hirhurim writes:

R. Shmuel Katz, Kedoshim Tihyu, ch. 8 pp. 124-125:

A) The prohibition: There are those who are of the view that a woman wearing pants is a violation of "A man’s clothing shall not be worn by a woman" (Deut. 22:5), and also a lack of modesty[37]. Others are of the view that it does not entail the prohibition of "man’s clothing" but is immodest, since the pants cling to the body and cause the [outline of the] body parts to be seen[38]…

B) Pants specifically for women: A woman who wears pants made specifically for women, that are different in their cut and color from mens’ pants, and she does not intend to look like men — does not violate the prohibition of "man’s clothes". However, a woman should preferably (le-chat’chilah) not wear pants like those because they arouse specific attention. And if they are tight to her body, there is a lack of modesty[39]. There are those who also prohibit specific pants like these because they are still called pants like mens’ pants[40].

Click here to read moreC) Pants because of the cold: Women who wear pants in the winter because of the cold, if the pants are not tight then they have an opinion on which to rely[41]. There are those who have the view that in the winter they should wear a skirt over the pants[42].

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