Domestic Violence In Beverly Hills

Around 3 p.m., I was walking down Corning near Olympic in 90035 and noticed a police helicopter circling over head and three police cars with their lights flashing. They were tracking a domestic violence call. Some blonde woman had gone running down the street away from some guy with a ponytail.

My friend said that he had a friend on the Beverly Hills police force and every time he went out on a domestic violence call, it was usually to the home of Persian Jews.

I’m friends with many Persian Jews in Pico-Robertson. They tend to be louder and more expressive of their emotions than Americans born here. They’ll yell and scream like you and I would carry on a normal conversation.

They tend to have close families and they tend to fight a lot. By contrast with the natives, they tend to be more dramatic and more expressive and more bonded with their families. Persians are more likely to drive up to an apartment and start honking for their friends or family to come out.

I once had a Persian-Jewish therapist. When she asked about my family, I said we were average close for white people. I meant that the white people I knew tended to not have families as tight as the Persian ones I knew.

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