My New Pad

I moved in last Saturday night. Most of my room is clear space for studying the sacred text, entertaining women, and teaching Alexander Technique!

I have my bedding against one side of the room and my desks and computer against another side. I have some sweet posters of Jerusalem on my walls.

I remember dating this one girl and she made me put up sheets over my sacred pics before she’d blow me.

We’re not scared to lose it all
Security throw through the wall
Future dreams we have to realize
A thousand skeptic hands
Won’t keep us from the things we plan
Unless we’re clinging to the things we prize

And do you feel scared – I do
But I won’t stop and falter
And if we threw it all away
Things can only get better

Chaim Amalek emails: 1. This looks much nicer than the hovel. And it will do you good to again be spending considerable time with gentiles with whom you share so much.
2. I agree with Rum — you need a title. Why can’t you be a “Doctor of Divinity” of some sort, with a “DAT” thrown in?
3. Next order of business for you — new wheels. But for that you will need paying clients and I again suggest your old contacts.
4. Congratulations.
PS. DAT – Doctor of Alexander Technique. Do they have them? There must be a title you can use. Three years is a long time to study something.

When is your last day of class?
I remember when you were just this fellow on USENET with a (wet) dream.
Will your parents be there?
Will any hot chicks be there?
How many are graduating with you? Are any of them hot and possibly vision impaired (so that I might have a shot with them)?

You should invite all your old rabbis to this. And all your old connections as well. See who hooks up with whom.

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