You Are The Colors You Choose

I’ve become intrigued by Aura Soma – a soul reading aura cleansing technique developed by a blind woman in the 1980s.

I sat down with a practicioner last week in front of this website and picked my four colored bottles in this order — Physical Rescue, Archangel Raphael, Peace, Spiritual Rescue. After that, I chose Energy Rescue and Energy.

My primary concern right now is physical survival. Economic survival. Paying the rent and the health insurance and the credit card bills. So I was struck that the first colored bottle I chose represented physical rescue, the thing I want most right now.

I was later struck by my desire for spiritual rescue, also one of my prime concerns.

Maybe there’s something to this idea that the colors we choose say something about us.

Here are some of the likely challenges for people who choose the Physical Rescue bottle: “These people can be out of touch with their own emotions.There can be a coldness connected with this colour. Often these people hide their true feelings and identity from others just as the beautiful deep magenta base hides the rich depth of magenta within itself, seen if you hold a torch or flashlight behind it. There can be a desire for perfection that separates them from other more imperfect beings.”

Here are some of the likely challenges for people who choose the Archangel Raphael bottle: “This person may have huge survival and security issues with the material aspects of life. Is unable to go inside and listen to the voice of their higher self guiding. May be resisting waking from the dream. A lack of trust in the inner wisdom and a lack of understanding of universal laws and principals. Not allowing the perceptions to come through to the heart and mind. A person who might refuse to evolve or even admit that any change is taking place. Someone who cannot see the forest for the trees.”

Here are some of the likely challenges for people who choose the Peace bottle: “Difficulty in finding inner and outer peace. There may be difficulty balancing the active and passive aspects of the personality, or the male/female models within the self. This person may be overly active in the area of promoting social or community well being at the expense of the nurturing and support of close relationships.”

Here are some of the likely challenges for people who choose the Spiritual Rescue bottle: “A tendency if not careful, to be occupied excessively with spiritual matters, and therefore be of little “earthly good”. There can also be a tendency toward foolishness, self-deception, and a lack of restraint. There is often a lack of self-love and a need to be loved – “the wounded carer”.”

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