Republican Debate ‘Not An Uplifting Evening’

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager said: “The Rick Perry attack on Mitt Romney… You hired an illegal years ago. If that’s the way he feels he’s going to win an election, let me find a petty scandal, then I’ve lost respect for him. That’s bottom of the barrel tactics. It’s a near impossibility in domestic life in the United States that someone won’t get into your life who’s not in the United States legally. What do you do when you hire somebody to tend your garden in the back yard? Show me your American citizenship?”

“We’ve made it impossible for normal people to run for office. The media has done this. This is what it plays up.”

“There’s no room in these debates for vision. It’s all policy. You end up with people with little vision and a series of little policies. Mitt Romney has a 59-point plan for the economy. What American is going to read it? This is not the way it was. Watch the Kennedy-Nixon debate. You realize how substantive it was and how non-wonky it was. Now it is people up there citing data.”

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