Cain The Beloved

Joe emails: More on the rise of Cain here:

The money shot is this tidbit:

“The thing fueling Cain’s lead in all of these states is strong support from the furthest right segment of the Republican electorate. Cain is at 35% with ‘very conservative’ voters and has a 14 point lead over Perry with them in North Carolina. In Nebraska he’s at 36% with them, putting him up 22 points over Gingrich and Perry. And in West Virginia he gets 25% with them, giving him a 9 point edge on Gingrich and Perry.

“This most conservative group of Republican voters has been shopping for a candidate all year. They’ve gone from Huckabee to Trump back to Huckabee to Bachmann to Perry and now to Cain. I would expect their support for Cain to be pretty temporary. One thing that’s been very clear through all these twists and turns though- they’re not going to support Romney.”

One could argue as follows regarding alleged conservative “racism”. Conservatives hate black liberals, only slightly more than they hate white liberals. Conservatives believe that blacks should be grateful for the opportunity programs like affirmative action have given them and are appalled that the community organizing type of black liberal. There is a racial tinge, perhaps, to their disdain for Obama.

This “racism” is then counteracted by their delight in voting for Cain. This is a black man who gets it. That what America lets you do as a black man is to be a CEO and succeed and not give a crap about the color of your skin. The conservative message of America is great and those who complain about America are misfits coming from a black man has infinitely more providence than coming from a Romney who looks like he was captain of the crew team and banged ever sorority girl in sight. Cain has the street cred – he drank from colored only fountains, but he is bigger than bitching about it. He moved on. It is why if Cain gets the nomination, it will be on the backs of young white college conservatives, gun toting evangelicals, and fiscally neandertal tea partiers. The rest of the republican party that is used to only seeing black in the country club kitchen is going to have to be pulled by the ears to vote for him.

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