Sex Change Regret

 The NJG:  luke, check this out, people who regret having sex change therapy
The NJG: 
The NJG: 
The NJG:  really interesting stuff
The NJG:  I’m totally against sex changes, because it IS mutiliation, and, also, it is most likely just a PHASE that certain men go through, like being gay is also a phase, for most of the younger gay guys
The NJG:  do you notice the onslaught of msm stories about how Obama is popular in areas that he wasn’t before?
The NJG:  Like the Newsweek article that said that Obama is going to take the south
The NJG:  which is absolute bullshit
The NJG:  and today the LA Times, did the same thing  in Florida
The NJG:  this is stealth msm bs
The NJG:  bc they CAN"T change our minds
The NJG:  and they’re TRYING
The NJG:  by saying "oh it’s a trend!  all the conservatives are now supporting Obama!  Look"
The NJG:  and then like today’s LAT article, it’s ONE person who isn’t even SURE of it
The NJG:  ONE!!!
The NJG:  and the last name was Rodriguez
The NJG:  in florida

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