Are My Creative Days Behind Me?

I often find myself thinking, what’s behind me and what’s ahead of me? How frightened should I be about the future? How stoked should I get about the changes I’ve made in my life? Will the next half of my life be as lonely as the first half?

Did I peak in 1998?

I find myself valuing safety, security and comfort more these days than I did 16 years ago.

I met Trey Parker (of South Park fame) at CES in Las Vegas in January 1999. We talked at the Rio bar 2 AM – 3:30 AM after the AVN Awards. He was cool. A total mentch. A good interview. Unpretentious. Funny. Insightful.

Here’s an interview with him in the New York Times today:

A decade ago, Trey, you said that you couldn’t point to anyone who sustained their creativity into their 30s or 40s. You’re about to turn 42.
Parker: I totally still think that. We’ve been writing “Book of Mormon” for seven years, and the best work on it was when we were still in our 30s.

You’re messing with me.
Parker: No, honestly. I think intellectually I’m a way better writer than I was, but in terms of coming up with stuff, it’s definitely dying. I can feel myself dying inside.

Stone: I can feel the instrument blunting. I don’t know if we could create “South Park” today. We have it, and it’s cool to build upon. But creating it? That takes the energy of a 25-year-old.

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