Jeroen Staring Should Be Essential Reading For All Alexander Technique Teachers

A practice student of mine says: The Jeroen Staring stuff seems like it should almost be compulsory Alexander Technique reading just because he does such an awesome entertaining study of the whole “physical culture” movement that F.M. Alexander emerged from, and explains so much about the debates from which each different physical culture system emerged. Its not like they’re helpless against Staring’s criticisms of AT. I read one rebuttal from an AT person and thought they made solid points. And Staring is so obviously a polemicist that anyone who reads it should be aware that opposing interpretations exist and arent being dealt with in Staring.

I’ve been working on my own on different types of breathing work for a couple years now, and the Jeroen Staring book has cleared up a lot of things that i was still uncertain of. And i haven’t even gotten to the chapter on breath support and full chest breathing!

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