‘I Have Never Forgotten You’

On Tisha B’Av, it is the Jewish way not to greet each other.

As I walked around this Tisha B’Av, I kept asking myself, "How is this day different from all other days?"

In Luke Ford Land, it is always Tisha B’Av.

Museum of Tolerance Sunday afternoon. I stand at the entrance to the second floor theater with a JConnectLA organizer.

A middle-aged woman walks up.

"Do you have a tag?" asks the organizer.

"Hi, let me introduce myself," she says. "I’m Liba Geft, the museum director."

We decide she can go in.

So I’m sitting in the theater talking to a girl I’ve just met and I’m showing off my new Blackberry curve email function and blazened across the middle of my screen is an email from "Seduction Chronicles" with the subject line, "How to kiss like a movie star."

How on earth did such worldly material end up in my inbox on Tisha B’Av?

The documentary is first-rate like everything done by the MOT. Who knew that an Orthodox rabbi (Marvin Hier) would be such a superb movie producer.

A friend of mine Netflixed the movie a couple of weeks ago, but she decided to come along to today’s event because it was advertised as including a "VIP tour of new Museum exhibit."

That exhibit turned out to be a undramatic recreation of Simon Weisenthal’s office, which looks just like 10,000 other untidy offices around the world.

BTW, if you want to kiss like a movie star, David Van Arrick — I’ve never heard of him, honest — advises:

Look her deeply in the eyes, allow your hands to slowly
but gently touch the side of her cheek you can use one
or both hands.

I find for first kisses the two hand approach works much
better. Cup the back of her head or contour her jaw line
with the palm of your hand.

Your thumb can rest either just in front of the ear or
on the cheekbone just below her eye or any point in
between. While maintaining eye contact, gently draw her
lips to yours. Allow your eyes to close as your lips
gently touch.

That’s the quick lesson.

For First kisses, I always use my palms to face technique.


Because It Just Plain Works More Reliably Powerfully and
Consistently Than Any Other Method of First Kissing I Have

I discovered many years ago that when you really want to
get a woman’s romantic desires clicked into over drive
the fastest way to do it is by touching her anywhere on
her face while your kissing her.

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