Is R. Leib Tropper In San Diego?

Simshalom emails: According to this LinkedIn:
Leib Tropper may be in San Diego.
Can anyone confirm this?
It may also account for the pure BS positive PR bios about him on various professional networking blogs to fool the gullible Jewish masses in gorgeous sunny Southern California who are clueless about Tropper’s shenanigans and disgraceful fall. They love all sorts of “gurus” and groupies down there and Tropper knows how to play with the minds of such softies, and milk them for their $$$ too, you can count on that.
There is a beautiful and very naive growing Jewish population of well over 100,000 Jews in San Diego with a number of good rabbis doing great work over there and it would be tragedy if Tropper were to poison everything with his presence.
If he is truly there, the rabbis and Jews of San Diego should be warned about this menace in their midst before it is too late for them and another Tropper-manufactured huge scandal and Chillul Hashem explodes in a place that has lots of potential Yiddishkeit-wise

Again, if you have more information about the present whereabouts this scoundrel please look into it and make it known, because “to be for-warned, is to be fore-armed”!

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