The Straight Line From Hate Blogs To Auschwitz

Marc Gafni writes:

Eros heals the disassociation and fragmentation which characterizes the thinking that gives birth to hatred, hate blogs, hate camps of death which gas children, all the while with the social and physical murders assured that they are somehow behaving righteously, acting to “protect the innocent helpless women of the third Reich {and the powerful women of modernity} from the Jewish molesters and sexual predators”.

…The hate bloggers and websites are easily aroused. They feel alive in dealing death. By seeking to ruin people’s lives or work or relationships they are lifted from what is often the empty dis-ease truth of their lives, and filled with a pathetic sense of pseudo power. This pseudo power, manifests in the most sadistic impulses in the human being which send an aroused demonic thrill through their body. They are aroused and alive through their sadism and addicted to the almost sexual charge that it sends through them. Their sites are linked to neo Nazi sites and anti – Semitic sites because the both share in the same energy of hate.

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