Sinai Temple Sued For Breach Of Contract

Case Type: Breach Contrct/Warnty(Sellr Pltf) (General Jurisdiction) Case#: BC394811 CASE NAME: ORIT NISSAN-GREENFIELD VS SINAI TEMPLE ET AL

A Google search says Orit was/is a lecturer at American Jewish University.

I guess it’s the season to sue Leonard Liberman: Case Type: Other Employment Complaint (General Jurisdiction) Case#: BC394757 CASE NAME: BARBARA MAGRINI ET AL VS LIBERMAN BROADCASTING INC

Case Type: Other Employment Complaint (General Jurisdiction) Case#: BC394862 CASE NAME: BARBARA MAGRINI VS LIBERMAN BROADCASTING INC ET AL

Who is Leonard Liberman? He is a prominent member of Shaarey Zedek. He pushed for Yitzhock Summers to become the new rabbi there. When he failed, he got disenchanted and hasn’t been seen at the shul much since. His family name is on Shaarey Zedek’s building.

Leonard Liberman (circa 45yo) is a genius. His dad Jose aka Pepe was from Mexico and became a big supporter of Shaarey Zedek. He realized there were a lot of Mexicans in LA and got the idea to open a radio station in Spanish. The station had Jaime Jarrin on it. He used to broadcast the Dodger games in Spanish. His son Jorge Jarrin flies in the helicopter and butchers the English language in traffic reports for KABC AM 790.

Leonard took what his dad did and took it to the next level.

He was on the radio (including John & Ken on KFI AM 640) a lot a couple of years ago over some Mexifornia controversy.

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