I Catch Up With My Best Friend From High School

We talk tonight for the first time in 16 years.

We went to Placer High School together. Just before graduation, we made a movie together called "The Adventures of Shannon and Luke."

I put it on YouTube.

After graduation, I went to Australia for a year. Shannon got a cyst on his brain requiring major surgery.

He’d just met a girl.

He married her after the surgery.

They went on to have three kids.

He’s now a prosecutor in Arizona.

Like me, he hasn’t kept up with anyone from high school.

We make plans to go to our 25th anniversary reunion next June.

We talk about our classmates.

The guy who edited our high school newspaper the year before me, Eric Schulzke, is now a political scientist. He linked me a year ago but didn’t reply to my email.

I don’t hear from Rob Stutzman either, who was a spokesman for Governor Schwarzeneger.

Luke: "I Googled you a bunch but couldn’t track you down. I saw you were a prosecutor in King County… I thought when I put up ‘The Adventures of Shannon and Luke’ that would flush you out."

Shannon: "That was just a catalyst for you, man. You’ve had quite an adventure."

"Are you still attacking the porno industry?"

Luke: "I quit that last October."

Shannon: "How come?"

Luke: "My rabbi put an end to it."

Shannon: "The rabbi’s got to be the first person on the planet who’s ever successfully told Luke Ford what to do."

Luke: "Remember April White [a year below us at Placer]?"

Shannon: "Yeah."

Luke: "She went on to write and produce erotic movies."

We remember her as a shy quiet girl who played some basketball and worked on the yearbook.

I look up her entry on imdb.com.

Here are some of her writing credits:

  • Three Hunters (2008) (in production) (screenplay)
  • Kinky Pleasures (2006) (V) (screenplay)
  • Naked Sins (2006) (V) (writer)
  • Naked Players (2006) (V) (writer)
  • Sexual Cravings (2006) (TV) (writer)
  • Shameless Co-eds (2006) (V) (screenplay)
  • Young and Tempting (2006) (TV) (writer)
  • Forbidden Passions (2006) (V) (screenplay)
  • Carnal Cravings (2006) (V) (writer)
  • Busty Models (2006) (V) (written by)
  • Secrets Sins (2006) (TV) (screenplay)
  • Naked Encounters (2005) (V) (screenplay)
  • Naked Ambition (2005) (TV) (writer)
  • Sexual Indiscretion (2005) (V) (screenplay)
  • Insatiable Needs (2005) (TV) (writer)
  • The Sex Spa II: Body Work (2005) (V) (screenplay)
  • Young and Seductive (2004) (TV) (screenplay)
  • "The Extreme Truth" (2004) TV series (unknown episodes)
  • Sexual Revenge (2004) (TV) (writer)
  • Candid Sex (2004) (V) (writer)
  • Naked and Betrayed (2004) (TV) (screenplay)
  • The Secret Cellar (2003) (V) (writer)
    … aka Blood & Roses (USA)
  • Voyeurs Sex Club (2003) (V) (writer)
  • Bare Sex (2003) (V) (screenplay)
  • Illicit Sins (2003) (V) (screenplay)
  • Private Sex Club (2003) (TV) (screenplay)
  • Naked Passions (2003) (TV) (writer)
  • "The Best Sex Ever" (2 episodes, 2002)
        – For Love of Art (2002) TV episode (teleplay)
        – Not on the Menu (2002) TV episode (teleplay)
  • "Sexy Urban Legends" (1 episode)
        – Sleeping with Strangers (????) TV episode (host material) (writer)
  • Deviant Desires (2002) (TV) (teleplay)
  • Embrace the Darkness II (2002) (V) (writer)
  • Sinful Desires (2002) (V) (screenplay)
  • Personals II: CasualSex.com (2002) (V) (writer)
  • Erotic Obsessions (2002) (V) (writer)
  • "Lady Chatterley’s Stories" (5 episodes, 2000-2001)
        – Switch (2001) TV episode (teleplay)
        – Passion (2001) TV episode (teleplay)
        – One Night Stand (2001) TV episode (teleplay)
        – Fantasy (2001) TV episode (teleplay)
        – A Real Man (2000) TV episode (teleplay)
  • Carnal Sins (2001) (V) (writer)
  • Carnal Passion (2001) (V) (screenplay)
  • "Kama Sutra" (1 episode, 2000)
        – The Art of Biting (2000) TV episode (writer)
  • Risk (2000) (uncredited)
  • "Bedtime Stories" (6 episodes, 2000)
        – Another Woman (2000) TV episode (writer)
        – Blindfold (2000) TV episode (writer)
        – First Love (2000) TV episode (writer)
        – No Names, Please (2000) TV episode (writer)
        – Strangers (2000) TV episode (writer)
          (1 more)
  • Forbidden Highway (1999) (writer)
  • "Nightcap" (2 episodes)
        – One Night Affair (????) TV episode (teleplay)
        – Physical Desire (????) TV episode (teleplay)

    guest89:  hey dude
    guest89:  i just read your blog about the stand
    guest89:  but dude, dont you keep kosher
    YourMoralLeader:  hi
    YourMoralLeader:  yes, i keep kosher
    YourMoralLeader:  it was an ad
    guest89:  but why do you gove off the impression that you ate there
    YourMoralLeader:  i didnt write it
    guest89:  but you posted it
    YourMoralLeader:  true, it is labeled an ad
    guest89:  oh
    guest89:  its weird just watching you
    guest89:  you know i can hear your phonecall
    guest89:  ddue are you into all that
    guest89:  porn scrips
    YourMoralLeader:  girl from my high school wrote that
    guest89:  awesome
    guest89:  did you like eat kosher and watch porn
    guest89:  thats hilarious
    YourMoralLeader:  lol
    guest89:  so i bet you do
    guest89:  i dont want to start a discussion abot it, but do you feel that its wrong to do that
    YourMoralLeader:  i dont watch porn, i used to write on the industry
    guest89:  how can you be an expert on an industry if you dont know the products
    YourMoralLeader:  long time ago
    guest89:  so the entire time you were working in porn that you were religious, you never watched a single porn, or masterbated to it or had sex with any of those chicks?
    guest89:  haha thats great for a question from an anonymous chat user
    guest89:  in a public forum
    YourMoralLeader:  i … a few chicks, watched a couple hundred pornos and practiced some self abuse
    YourMoralLeader:  but I also tied tefillin and studied gemara
    guest89:  wow i dont get it
    guest89:  must have been great fun though

    I went to bed early and listened to music from the 1980s. I was awash in memories. I was excited. I couldn’t sleep. I got angry. I turned off the music. I tossed and turned. I must’ve nodded off after 2 a.m.


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