Pre-Marital Sex – Is it good or not good to abstain from any sexual contact before marriage?

Dennis Prager tackled this topic for an hour on his radio show today. Almost all of the callers said they abstained from pre-marital sex and that it was good for their marriage.

They all sounded religious. They all sounded programmed by their religion.

I’ve never heard of secular people in the modern world abstaining from pre-marital sex. I think you have to buy into a belief in God and in the divinity and eternality of the Bible to be able to wait until marriage for sex (unless there’s something wrong with you).

I’ve never heard of a sex life getting better. I’ve never heard of a couple struggling with their sex life and then it gets better.

In my experience, if sex sucks at the beginning of the relationship, it never gets better.

Dennis Prager advocates waiting for marriage before you have sexual intercourse.

Dennis said he’s heard from several women that they had wished they had known prior to marriage that their husband was asexual, that he was using religion as an excuse to avoid sex before marriage.

This guy Jamaal calls in and says he was not a virgin on his wedding night. His wife was. He prayed for a spiritual rebirth to be a born-again virgin.

His wife has had pelvic pain issues for all 17 years of their marriage and their sex still does not work. They were not able to consummate their relationship for 12 years. They adopted two boys.

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