For A Godly Man, I Remain Painfully Flawed

I’m a convert to Orthodox Judaism. I subscribe to an elevated moral code. I try to live my life by the dictates of Jewish law. I want to be a mentch. I study the holy words of Torah. I meditate upon the meaning of God’s commandments.

Yet when I step outside my hovel and go into the world, what I find myself thinking about most is — where are some women I want get with?

I’m not thinking about lofty philosophical or moral issues. I’m thinking about getting with a lady.

When I go to a social gathering, I find myself thinking mainly, “Are there any woman here I’d like to be with?”

Actually, what I’m thinking is much more crude than that.

After all the profound texts I’ve studied, I still have the instincts of a cave man.

I’m just checking out chicks and thinking, “Well, if she’s interesting and has a nice personality, perhaps over time I could become attracted to her.” Or, “I want to be with her right now!” Or, “I could never be with her in a million years, even if she had the personality of Mother Theresa.”

Luckily, I’m careful about how I act on these beastly tendencies.

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