Should Men Do More Around The Home?

On his radio show yesterday, Dennis Prager dealt with this New York Times article.

“I don’t recall my dad vacuuming or cooking or making the bed,” said Dennis July 6, 2011. “When a woman is 25 and is imagining her husband, does she imagine him vacuuming? Does she imagine, oh, my ideal man, he will do as much housework as I. That is what I am told is most females’ desire.

“When men imagine being married, do they imagine doing half the housework? I’m not talking about what necessity creates. I don’t judge. I know men who are the full-time house husband. I respect that. I don’t relate to this 50-50 idea with regards to the housework.”

“When you are single and you are imagining your home, is that what you imagine?”

“Why are they having problems in Europe getting men to do more housework? It’s the egalitarian world. In Norway, they dictate the number of women who have to be on the boards of major corporations. So what’s the issue then?”

A male caller says it depends on “an attitude of gratitude. We’re not going to do the chores if you critique us on how we do it. But if you come up behind us and give us a little kiss and thank us for taking out the trash…”

Why is old-fashioned bad? Why is the new good? Which social changes over the past 40 years have been for good and which have been for bad?

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