Is Scientology More Silly Than Judaism?

From the Los Angeles Times:

It would be easy to deride or dismiss many of Scientology’s more eccentric elements, such as the long-held secret story of Xenu, the evil tyrant leader of the “Galactic Confederation.” Only after reaching an advanced level are Scientologists taught that he killed his enemies with hydrogen bombs 75 million years ago and then captured their souls, or thetans, and electronically implanted them with false concepts. These altered thetans later glommed on to human bodies, the story goes, causing spiritual harm and havoc for mankind.

Even Tom Cruise, the most famous Scientologist, “freaked out” and was like, ‘What the …?”’ when he learned of it, according to one former member. But in a nice touch of fair play, another ex-member reminds readers that more mainstream religions also have stories that require a long leap of faith. Water into wine? Raising the dead? How plausible are those?

Hubbard made many claims during his life, but parting the Red Sea was not among them.

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