Are Slut Walks Great Places To Meet Chicks?

Bob emails: “For the single advisory committee members: Have you tried these “Slut Walk” parades for meeting young, free thinking ladies?”

I’m not generally interested in dating angry women, unless they’re really hot. These slut walks seem to mainly attract men-hating angry women. Who needs that?

Most importantly, according to the photographic evidence I’ve seen, few, if any, of the women marching are hot.

Here’s a pic from the Chicago Slut Walk:

According to Wikipedia: “The SlutWalk protest marches began on April 3, 2011 in Toronto, Canada and have since become an international movement of rallies across the world.[1] They are a protest against the belief that any aspect of a woman’s appearance might explain or excuse rape.[2] The rallies began in response to remarks made by Constable Michael Sanguinetti, a Toronto Police officer, who suggested that in order not to be victimized, “women should avoid dressing like sluts.”[3][4] The protest take the form of a march, by mainly young women, where some dress in ordinary clothing, and others dress provocatively; there are also speaker meetings and workshops.[5] Such protests have not been universally accepted as appropriate; for example some objectors have remarked that this approach is an example of women defining their sexuality in male terms.”

Women who are into things like slut walks seem to have this huge emotional investment in unreality. They hate the idea that the way a woman dresses and behaves might have some effect on whether or not she gets molested.

The harsh truth is that the way we comport ourselves has a huge effect on how other people treat us.

Just look at these women marching. Would you like to wake up next to one of them?

On the other hand, if these women dressed like ladies, behaved with modesty, and feared God, then I could totally see them as being marriage material. Attitude has a huge effect on beauty. After 40, you’re responsible for your face. If you’re an angry hateful person, it will have worked its way into your pores. If you’re a kind, loving, righteous person, that will shine forth.

Whether I’ve been a militant atheist or an Orthodox Jew, I’ve always found modest (in behavior, attitude and deed) women much more attractive, all things being equal. I think most guys do. Who wants to go to bed with a ballbuster?

Kirsten Powers writes for the New York Post:

Here’s a prediction: Feminists will no sooner turn “slut” into a positive word outside their ever-shrinking bubble than African-Americans who call each other the “N-word” have taken away the sting of that dehumanizing epithet. Some words should be retired for good.
And many gays may now march proudly as “queer” — but plenty still bristle when an outsider uses the word. That’s unlikely to change, considering the original intent of it.
Sex-positive feminist icon Erica Jong presciently told writer Ariel Levy in 2003: “I was standing in the shower the other day, picking up my shampoo. It’s called ‘Dumb Blonde.’ I thought, ’30 years ago you could not have sold this.’ I think we have lost consciousness of the way our culture demeans women. Let’s not kid ourselves that this is liberation.”
Yes, please, and let’s not pretend that women holding “slut walks” is a step forward for womankind or will in any way change the treatment of rape victims.
While the so-called feminists are tarting up themselves to reclaim a vile, misogynist word, perhaps the rest of us should fight to reclaim the word “feminism” and return it to its roots of working for true equality.
If we leave it to this gang, we’re screwed.

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