This Story’s For Me

Yehuda emails: Luke,

This story is for you.

1. It is about something in California.
2. The girl is a blonde.
3. It’s about male members.
4. It involves an Orthodox shul.
5. Someone gets kicked out of said Orthodox shul

From Rebecca’s Twitter account:

@girlonetrack I love the ethical slut – amazing book!

The perfect day in London – #SlutwalkLondon, naked bike ride, guilt-free Snog in Soho. A.mazing!

Off to #SlutwalkLondon bring it on!!! By definition you can’t ask for rape.

#slutwalk slogan suggestions please?! maybe “by definition u can’t ask 4 rape,” “how i dress is not an invitation” or “no more slut shaming”

my sister and i are currently planning slogans for our placards and graffiti’ed t-shirts…

abso-bloody-lutely! excellent cause. reclaiming slut; reclaiming the streets. damn straight i’ll be there!

Who’s excited for the SlutWalk this Saturday! It doesn’t matter what you wear! This is about protesting rape culture!

States should be able to ban all infant genital mutilation. Even if effects of FGM are arguably more damaging, both cause harm.

Henry Grunwald claims kosher slaughtering is at least as humane as any other method. Really?!

But there obv are diff kinds of sexual assault (penetrative, anal, oral, stranger, date, family member). Can effect extent of trauma

Totally disagreed w/ Douglas Murray on killing of OBL on #bbcqt. Rule of Law applies to everyone. Non-judicial executions unacceptable.

One can wish nice young couple whilst admitting there’s no coherent justification for keeping monarchy:

On Twitter, Rebecca describes The Ethical Slut: A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities as an “amazing book.”

Here’s a review on

I’ve seen so many failed marriages due to infidelity that recently I began to wonder what I was in for if I ever took that big step. After all, I didn’t seem any better than the couples I knew, and certainly I’d been attracted to many different people, both male and female. Thats when I found this book.

This is a great read for people with feelings like mine…it gives a great account of the guidelines you need if you ever choose to enter into polyamory. Several good points are emphasized: love and sex are not necessarily the same, one may be an expression of the other but they CAN be completely separate. Love, sex and pleasure are not limited qualities people have…you can love someone else and make love to them without depriving your “primary” partner of the same feelings and actions. Drawbacks are also discussed, including time constraints, jealousy, respecting privacy and property of all your lovers, and coming out to your kids about your relationship (most actually think its pretty cool because there’s always someone to talk to).

I read this book aloud with my girlfriend because we had always been curious about poly-type relationships. We asked ourselves many questions, and when we finally attended our first party, we were able to talk more afterwards and decided we loved it…and yet we could still be committed to each other! And we’re still going strong…thanks to this and other wonderful resources that provided a basis for us to try new things!

Rebecca Steinfeld contributes to Tablet Magazine.

Rebecca was on Dennis Prager’s radio show on May 14, 2003 (after writing an anti-Israel op/ed for the UCLA Daily Bruin). She said she had grown up in a Zionist home and was pro-Israel until she arrived at university and realized how Israel’s success had victimized the Palestinians.

I blogged in May, 2003:

Prager says Rebecca Steinfeld is devoting her entire life to showing how evil Israel is. Where does Prager get this? She wrote one article for the UCLA Daily Bruin. Hardly amounts to devoting a life.

Cultural Muslim Amir Taheri points out that Iran never persecuted or segregated its Jews.

Amir inquired about the radical Israel-hating English Jewish coed [Rebecca Steinfeld] Prager had on his show today in the second hour. “Was she ugly?” Prager says she was pretty but her values were so ugly, he had a hard time looking at her.

From Rebecca Steinfeld’s Oxford page:

My doctoral research examines the nature of, and motivations behind, Israel’s various fertility policies from the state’s establishment in 1948 up until 2010. The research question focuses on the extent to which the archival sources substantiate the claim, made in the existing secondary literature, that Israel has established and maintained an ethnically selective pro-natalist policy that seeks to simultaneously encourage a higher Jewish birthrate and a lower non-Jewish, specifically Palestinian-Arab, one with the aim of ensuring a Jewish majority through internal population growth. My research thus seeks to answer the question of whether Israel’s demographic need, or desire, to maintain a Jewish majority has extended into the formulation of its fertility policies – as well as its immigration and territorial policies. Moreover, in parallel, my research project looks into the various other key factors and actors that may have influenced the formulation of Israel’s fertility policies, including religious ideas about fertility stemming from the ultra-Orthodox, feminist ideas about reproduction and the body emanating from women’s rights groups, and concerns about the welfare of women and their families shared by many in Israeli society. As such, my doctorate contributes further to our understanding of the specific ways in which bodies, and the most seemingly intimate decisions connected to them, have become the sites of larger state and non-state projects.

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