Borat Mankini Swimsuit Costume Suspender Thong Green

If someone will buy me this, I’ll wear it on my cam!


B. Husick writes on "I bought this for myself, but after a few tries, I just didn’t get used to it, so I gave it to my grandfather. It was an instant hit! All the people at the "home" love seeing papa parade around the place. I’m not sure how to top this for his next birthday."

Romeen writes: "This was the best investment in my life!! I am now a legend in Santa Monica and delivery was quick from the mail."

Kathleen writes: "My husband needed something to wear on our family vacation this summer, so he opted for this. At first he was a little nervous about wearing the mankini, since it was his first time meeting my entire family, but once everyone downed the first bottle of Jack Daniels the awkwardness just disappeared. As a matter of fact, I am seriously considering ordering one for my dad for Christmas."

Arthur writes: "Excellent fit and it sure is eye-catching. I wore this while teaching a lifeguard pool safety course at the park district and had a blast. Be careful with tan lines on this one."

Buck writes: "My 13-year old wife complain that I wear my mankini too much. Like when I go for store to get ice cream. She is jelous!"

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