Jewish Billionaire Clinton Buddy Charged With Soliciting Underage Prostitutes

From the New York Post:

Florida- Manhattan money man Jeffrey Epstein will turn himself in today to plead guilty to soliciting an underage prostitute at his Florida mansion – and immediately start serving an 18-month sentence, a source said.

The silver-haired billionaire will enter his plea in West Palm Beach.

After he serves his term, Epstein is expected to have to spend a certain amount of time in house confinement at his pink Palm Beach mansion, the source said.

Epstein is being charged with soliciting only one of several girls mentioned in the case.

In 2006, state prosecutors charged Epstein with solicitation of prostitution in cases in which girls were allegedly paid hundreds of dollars to give him massages at home that turned into sexual encounters, sources said.

The prosecutors subsequently upgraded the offense because the girls were under 18

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