Luke Ford’s Sad Decline

Concerned writes: The sad decline of Luke Ford is irrefutable. That once boyish, blogger about town has deteriorated to a decrepit shut-in.

See the photographic evidence below.

Is it time for an social services to intervene? Who will save Luke from Luke?

 Joe:  You do not look well.  I am sorry, but you do not.  This is not what a 42 year old vegan should look like.
 Luzdedos1:  lol
 Joe:  Have you applied for food stamps?
 Luzdedos1:  lol
 Joe:  You should qualify.
 Joe:  If I saw you on the street I do not think I would have recognized you.  Perhaps I would have given you some coins.
 Luzdedos1:  lol
 Luzdedos1:  enough about me, how r u?
 Joe:  I am well.  It’s summer vacaton.  I may come down in a few weeks, but don’t change the subject.  Your health.  How is it?
 Luzdedos1:  it’s ok, getting acupuncture 2x a week
 Joe:  That’s a sham.  I tried it. 
 Joe:  Is this for you ED problem?  Where do they stick those needles?
 Luzdedos1:  It works for me. Just look at me.
 Luzdedos1:  For my chronic fatigue and my blogger elbow.
 Joe:  If they used your current photo in an as the FDA would send all acupunturists packing!
 Luzdedos1:  People said these same things to Jesus Christ!
 Joe:  Did you grow that beard to avoid oral on the ladies?  Be honest.
 Luzdedos1:  and the Waco guy
 Joe:  You look like the unabomber only chubbier.
 Joe:  If you did a PETA commercial looking like that red meat sales would surge.  Do you exercise at all?
 Luzdedos1:  yes, mild walking
 Joe:  Pushing the van no doubt.  How about the love life.  Details!
 Joe:  How you ever got laid in that sleeping bag is a mystery to me.  That is a book worthy topic.
 Luzdedos1:  How do you like being married?
 Joe:  Talked to Kevin Blatt about the Mini-Me sex tape?  That fore tells the end of days for sure
 Luzdedos1:  I’ve moved on from that world.
 Joe:  Married life is great, but it is WORK.
 Luzdedos1:  ru allowed to look at porn?
 Joe:  Never a female of your own age.  *sigh*  What do you talk about?
 Luzdedos1:  Torah and life
 Joe:  I miss porn.  She does not share this interest
 Joe:  The beard gives you a leprechuan look I can see her attraction.
 Luzdedos1:  Why would i want a woman my own age when i can get a hottie much younger?
 Joe:  Still she does not share your continent
 Joe:  Any books cooking?
 Luzdedos1:  jewish lit
 Joe:  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
 Joe:  You need cross over to make $$$$
 Joe:  "How I Nailed Kendra Jade For Free!"  That’s a tome that’ll sell.
 Joe:  "Beverly Hills on $4 a Day"  That’ll sell
 Joe:  How do you make $$?
 Luzdedos1:  just sold lukeisback for 11k
 Luzdedos1:  i make promo videos for people
 Joe:  Yabba Dabba Doo!
 Joe:  Sounds porny
 Joe:  Good $$ ?
 Luzdedos1:  approaching break even
 Joe:  Good
 Joe:  Avoding 9 to 5.  Well done
 Joe:  It appears from your photos you do not miss many meals so you must be making the sheckles
 Joe:  Take care, my friend.  If I come down which corner of Fairfax do you pan handle on? I’ll bring you a nice refrigerator box to upgrade your shelter. Stay well.

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I've written five books (see My work has been noted in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and 60 Minutes. I teach Alexander Technique in Beverly Hills (
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