Grooms Ask For One More Fling

From AOL:

Before you leave your groom alone with the wedding planner, read this. Simpson says that grooms never hesitate to hit on her — who wouldn’t want a final romp in the hay with a delicious wedding planner — but she never tells the bride.

“The guys are always looking for one last fling. For some reason they think it would be hot to do it with the wedding planner,” she said

“If I ever got caught, I’d ruin my reputation,” she said. “Absolutely not.”

So she keeps her distance from the future grooms. But that doesn’t stop her from getting close to the brides.

“I’ve been to dozens of bachelorette parties. It’s hard not to get close to them when you talk to them every day — sometimes for up to a year,” she said.

It’s one of those brides who helped Simpson get her own fiancé. "I’m marrying the brother of one of my brides. He asked me to dance at her wedding last year," she said.

When it comes to planning her own wedding, though, she’s not so enamored with the idea. "I think we actually might elope," she said. "I’ve worked at every wedding venue imaginable and I just don’t want to get married at work."

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