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Greg Leake emails: Hi Luke and Rabbs,

You guys obviously are attempting to enter a new phase with your show. Apparently you are now even starting to explore the possibilities of making money.

A couple of things have occurred to me that might be helpful.

1. After watching TMZ it has occurred to me that you are in a perfect place to have a show business segment. You live in LA, you have both been connected to show business in your own lives, and therefore you have a certain perspective to bring that most of us do not.

For example, Lindsay Lohan had at least 2 wardrobe malfunctions last week. You could easily do 10 minutes on whether you think it was intentional on her part and a way to galvanize attention now that apparently her legal problems have been resolved. There are a jillion show business stories in the Naked City of LA, and I think you guys could punch up your program if listeners know they were always going to be treated to a little scandal.

2. Music at the top of the show is a terrific idea. Now that you are entering a new phase (my original suggestion was done back in the days when I thought the show primarily existed to try to attract chicks) I think you should explore using something like the old Merv Griffin theme song, or the old Tonight Show’s or something musically similar. Some big blockbuster musical number to punctuate the idea that this is a show business venue.

3. Another idea that occurred to me is that you could get one of these character artists to do a sketch of the two of you with an actual name that you have chosen to designate your show and have that picture be what people see as you are getting ready to sit down while the show biz theme is rolling. You could call it the Luke and Rabbs hour or whatever name seems to have the most snap.

It seems to me that some of these idea could be helpful developments in the direction of moving the show into a money-making proposition.

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