The Day Reagan Was Shot

On the day Reagan was shot, I was walking home from the bus stop in Auburn to my home more than a mile away.

I was just off Interstate 80. The day was hot. I passed by a car parked beside the road. Inside, I saw a man flogging himself.

I’d never seen this before. I’d never done this myself. I was shocked and appalled.

I walked on. A minute later, the guy drives up beside me and asks me if I want a ride.

“No, thanks,” I said and walked on, scared to death.

I had never encountered anything like this. This was not the way Seventh-Day Adventists behaved.

Just then, some Adventist friends drove up and offered me a ride. I gratefully accepted.

A couple of years later, I was walking in to town along a nearby lonely road on a Sunday afternoon when a man drove up beside me and said, “You wouldn’t be interested in a blowjob would you?”

I said, “No thanks!” and walked on.

I told some friends about this and they said, “You should’ve asked him, ‘Where’s your wife?'”

I don’t think there’s much that’s more appalling than a sexually out of control man.

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