I Don’t Find It Fascinating That A Former Great Basketball Player Now Lives On The Streets

Front and center on NYTimes.com right now is this story: “Ex-Basketball Prodigy Roams the Streets: Lewis Brown seemed destined for N.B.A. stardom. Decades later, his life is an arc of triumph and defeat, as he sleeps on Los Angeles sidewalks and washes car windows.”

As soon as I read that, I figured the guy’s downfall was drugs, alcohol and/or mental illness.

I clicked on the story and found out I was right.

Of course someone who’s criminally inclined, a drug user, and difficult is going to have a lot of problems in life.

Success on the basketball court leads to nothing. It’s irrelevant for life success. These anti-social thugs turn up homeless? I’m shocked.

I don’t hear of many A-students or religiously-disciplined types who end up homeless.

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