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      Normally, I never write about me. It’s not what my people want to hear. But bear with me this one time. I’ve had a busy fortnight. On May 20th I was in Phoenix to tape two tv shows. Two weeks later I was in Santa Clara for America’s biggest conspiracy conference.

          Before I left for Phoenix I had a disagreement. I vehemently refused to give over a room of our home so a fifteen year old girl could cohabit with her 16 year old boyfriend.
          Now my Orthodox Jewish readers will have fits, but I was invited by a messianic organization, Jewish Voice, to film two 18 minute shows. The rabbi was so taken with my interview that he permitted me to film two 36 minute segments. He was not afraid to find out from me that his reality of Israel needed readjusting. We spoke at length about the Rabin and Sharon removals by Shimon Peres, about the rivalry between the Council On Foreign Relations and the Vatican over who could corrupt the most influential Israelis into selling out the land, and about the abuse of the IDF in a not-so-secret war against the religious Israelis.
          To conclude the show he noted that God would take care of Israel. I shocked the audience by saying, "Don’t bet on it. Unless the Jews rise up and ask God to support them, Israeli Jews might well suffer the fate of Europe’s Jews during the ’40s. God works when we work."
          The discussion continued over dinner when we finally hit the kidnapping of the Yemenite children and the irradiating of 108,000 Sephardic children of the ’50s in the ghastly atomic experiment to supposedly eliminate ringworm.
          Now what mainstream Jewish rabbi will discuss even ONE topic that I spoke all evening about in Phoenix? Is there even ONE honest rabbi in America willing to present me to his congregation and start talking about actually saving Israel from the murderous mafia running the joint? I haven’t found him.
          As for me, I just want to be treated fairly and the Jewish Voice were totally decent to me, paying my flight and hotel and selling my books and DVDs to their audience, which, as far as I could tell, were Christians searching for the Hebrew roots of their faith. No one tried to convert me to their faith and they let me talk my truth. And now this congregation knows it.
          When I returned home, the apartment was cleaned out and a note left: Come join us in our new home.
          Picking me up from San Jose Airport was my old and faithful correspondent Patrick Bailey. The first statement he made at lunch was, "My understanding of the American Jews is that there is a hierarchy who would support your work…" I stopped him. "Don’t bother to go on," I said. "I’m blackballed by the Jews. If you say one word of truth about Israel, you’re an anti-semitic enemy. It doesn’t matter that I support Israel’s self-defence, if you say Peres knocked off Rabin and Sharon, you are not welcome in their synagogues."
          But I was welcome at Conspiracy Con. I can thank the radio host, Dr. Stan Monteith who has generously let me tell Israel’s under-truth on his show for a year. One after another people came up to me to say they never miss a Dr. Stan program that I’m on. And sitting opposite my table, there was a Dr. Stan. We met for the first time and for me, anyway, he lived up to all my expectations.
          Some 500 people attended the conference and I poured my heart into my Rabin murder speech. It was very well received. And I was surrounded by old friends like Dr. Bill Deagle, Eric Phelps, Ari Goldberg, Jim Marrs etc. et al. Now this was a very different crowd. At our panel, one question asker explained that she was fighting the new world order by meditating against it. Yup, that’ll do the trick. And as for unreality, I counted two speakers who insisted that Ron Paul was still in the presidential fight. He just wasn’t getting attention in the media.
         My summation to the crowd at the panel session was, "For those who think Israel could cut a deal with the Arabs, the peacemakers arranged to have the country surrounded by 100,000 missiles. Israel cannot win an all-out missile war. As for voting, don’t. You have a choice between the husband of Michelle Obama, of the Council On Foreign Relations and McCain, the son of Cain, of the CFR. It makes no difference who wins. There is one way out. Join a bowling league and try to improve your average."

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