The Scariest Time In Courting A Woman…

…is when you move in for the first kiss. If she rejects you then, the odds are good she’ll always reject you and you’ll be stuck in that dreaded friends category (which is almost impossible to escape from, it’s far better putting your efforts into meeting another woman than to try to convince one particular woman you are worthy of more than friendship).

The other night, I was having dinner with friends.

Young Stud: "I always tell a woman, ‘I’m going to kiss you.’"

A young woman at the table screams: "You did that to me. And I turned my face and said you could only kiss my cheek."

Young Stud felt completely humiliated. He sulked for half an hour and then left the party early.

"I didn’t mean anything mean," the woman kept repeating the rest of the night.

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