The Freak Brothers on fire! — Together again for the first time!!

Greg Leake emails: Hi Luke,

It was a great show this week and was improved by Adolfo riding shotgun. Adolfo is from my part of the world (didn’t he grow up in Oklahoma?) and so I imagine he is trembling with new-found power, as I am.

Who would have thought a couple of Texas and Oklahoma boys would have the power to corrupt a Jewish princess by the virtue of our corrupt goy sperm? Didn’t Rabbs say that one injection of dynamic, corrupt, goy sperm could prevent even a Jewish prostitute from marrying a Jewish priest? Look out, ladies! Adolfo and I are dangerous men. He can tell you that down in our part of the world we used to have a similar idea pertaining to something we called the ‘one drop rule’. The idea was that one drop of ‘Negro’ blood disqualified a person from White status. Thank God we got rid of this loony point of view long ago. But apparently, the dangers of corrupt goy sperm still exist because of our beastly, potent nature. (At least we thought we had put an end to this bigotry, until Halle Berry announced that she believes in the one-drop rule in order to secure aristocratic Black status for her mixed-race little girl.)

Adolfo, I followed your instructions in the Alexander Technique as you offered them to Rabbs, and I can definitely see that you and Luke have something very interesting going. You encourage me to want to pursue the technique.

Rabbs, I can see now that you should have had a goy in Torah Talks all along. You automatically included contextual references and explanations that rarely get spoken when you and Luke are alone. and you are someone who is particularly good at supplying a context. Also, the 3 of you seem to generate more energy. I think the show really increased its viability with a 3rd party goy. I hope that there may be some way to continue this. I know when I am lecturing I automatically include a different perspective if my audience does not have knowledge about the subject.

I’m sorry about all of these challenges you are having.

Luke, I love your prospective card. It invites one to dive right in, and I also think you have chosen a good new name for your business. I think a move to Hawaii would be great if you could swing it. However, I don’t know how to navigate all of the protocols you have to go through. From my point of view, a business teaching the Alexander Technique in Hawaii would seem ideal. Another thing is that maybe you could switch to some of those white tropical shirts that one sometimes sees in Hawaii and the Phillippines, and it would help give you a more inviting countenance for prospective clients even with the black beret. However, apparently you have to live close enough to a shul to walk to it. This all strikes me as hopelessly complicated and paradoxical. I think you should be able to relocate to the place you feel would be the best prospect for your business. I just don’t know how to reconcile that sort of thing. You know, where Adolfo and I grew up, often the difference between a church goer and one who did not is an hour of extra sleep on Sunday. Everyone otherwise was identical in their beliefs, ethics, and faith. And so the idea of a location being precluded simply because of an institution’s building seems over-amplified.

My only suggestion for your move would be to do everything in your power to avoid compromising your ability to get to the Alexander facility in order to complete your training. It seems to me that if a sacrifice has to be made one way or the other, at least temporarily the Jewish side could receive a bit of sacrifice in order to keep your certification well within your reach.

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