Rabbis Warn Against Celebrating Bin Laden’s Death

These rabbis evidently get their values more from leftism than from Judaism.

The Jewish tradition celebrates the death of the wicked such as Haman.

I’m embarrassed to have such foolish rabbis in Los Angeles speaking out with such nonsense. If you hate the needless death of innocent people, you have to celebrate the demise of a man dedicated to such an end. If you can’t celebrate his demise, you don’t care much about the death of the innocent on 9/11 and like events.

If you love God, you must hate evil, as the Psalmist said.

Rabbi Rabbs emails:

So, I suppose Talmud got its values from leftism rather than from Judaism, and I suppose you are embarrassed to have the Talmud in Los Angeles, because it says the following:

“Do not celebrate over the downfall of our enemy” (Avos 4:24)

Also, we don’t actually celebrate the death of Haman. Instead, we celebrate that the Jews weren’t annihilated. Haman did not die at Purim time. He had been executed a year earlier on Pesach, and we do not celebrate that with a party.

Rabbi David Wolpe reacted to Osama Bin Laden’s death this way: “Yesterday, Yom Hashoah, Bin Laden was killed. The proper reaction is sobriety, not revelry. This is a time to remember those who died, pray for those who fight, meditate anew on wickedness and redouble our dedication to justice.”

According to the Jewish Journal:

“It felt like people were celebrating a football victory, and it seemed to be, while understandable, not something you cheer about, any more than people would cheer when a killer is executed. A grim satisfaction is understandable, but cheering not so much,” Wolpe said.

…Brous quoted a rabbinic midrash where God rebukes the angels for rejoicing after the Egyptian army was caught in the receding waters after the splitting of the Red Sea. “ ‘How dare you dance and sing as my children drown in the Sea?’ God rebukes them (Megillah 10b),” Brous wrote in a letter to congregants. This idea is why we spill a drop of wine for each of the ten plagues.

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