Taking Back Shaarei Tefila?

Allan N. Lowy, Richie Katz, Motty Naor and Emil Fish, Past Presidents of Congregation Shaarei Tefila (TakeBackOurShul@gmail.com) email: Dear Members, Former Members, Future Members, Stakeholders and Friends:

The time has come to take back our Shul from a cabal that has hijacked our Shul for their own purposes. They have a personal agenda that is inconsistent with that of a centrist Orthodox Shul. They have withdrawn our Shul from the OU, the RCC and similar community organizations such that Shaarei Tefila has become the pariah of the community, if not the laughing stock of Los Angeles. In the meantime our current president resigned last week, and the previous president who has been “running” our Shul does not even daven with us on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Indeed, last week that previous president pushed through a board resolution, in violation of the by-laws, that prohibits anyone from joining or re-joining the shul at this time so that he can protect the fraudulently elected current board.

While there are rabbinical candidates who are interested in leading our Shul, in the end they have all expressed the idea that until Shaarei Tefila rejoins the organized community they could not lead our Shul. Even a merger with another reputable Shul is out of the question at this time, until we abide by the rulings of the RCC and the OU. The only candidates who are interested in leading our Shul are Chabad rabbis, as they do not operate within the larger community but rather they operate in a sphere of their own.

We hope that you all had an enjoyable Pesach.

Before the Chag, the Bet Din issued a Hazmona to the president of Congregation Shaarei Tefila. That Hazmona is attached to this e-mail. Please read it as it as it affects us all.

Since the Hazmona was issued by the Bet Din, Jack Nagel resigned as the 2nd VP of our Shul, and Allan Goldstein, the 3rd VP is now serving as president. (The first VP, Stuart Goldman, has resigned many months ago). We all wish Mr. Goldstein Hatzlacha Raba in his new position.

Please keep those e-mail addresses (or fax numbers) coming. Out list is growing every day.

PS – Attached is a recent letter that was sent by Richie Katz to members of the Shul. Please read it.

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