Drink Up!

At a recent lunch, when a friend spotted me with a bottle of HINT Water (www.drinkhint.com), he thought he had a more economical way of producing delicious essence water on the cheap. For the unitiated, HINT is a great brand of flavored essence water – their motto is: Drink Water, Not Sugar – and I’m a huge fan of the company. Anyway, my friend argued that by simply squeezing enough limes, he only has limes with his iced tea, he’d get the same delicious taste – for free. Or as close to free as possible, considering we were at a local eatery and nothing is "free" once your server takes your order. Five lemons and two packets of Splenda later, my friend only managed to conceive one of the most rancid forms of essence water imaginable. Then, in my own version of the Pepsi Challenge, I let him take a swig of HINT. His pride notwithstanding – he’d never concede I was right – I quickly noticed he drank the rest of my HINT — and even kept the bottle! Maybe I should implore HINT to win his favor . . . and return my bottle. I love the stuff.  

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